Do I have to run?

No, you can walk, crawl, slither or all three, as desired.

What should I do when I arrive?

If you don't already have a wristband, please arrive 15 minutes early and pick one up from the registration table. You will also have to sign a waiver.

Can I register on the day?

Yes, for $20 per person, cash only. Please arrive 30 minutes before the race if registering on the day.

Do I have to enter the race to do the activities, watch the performances or look around the market?

No, you can pay separately for the activities and the performances and market are free to peruse.

Is water available?

Yes, we have two water stations on the course as well as limited water access in the park.

Is food available?

Yes, the P&C will be running a BBQ offering sausage, bacon and egg rolls and drinks, and we will also have a coffee cart, bakery stall, waffle cart and cupcake stall.

Where can I park?

Tupia Street and Fremlins Lane both have parking available, however only Tupia Street Car Park will be available. Fremlin Street Car Park will be locked for safety reasons. You are advised to use public transport if possible as parking is limited.

Is there a bus route close by?

Yes, you can catch the 309 from Central Station.

How will I know where to run?

The course is clearly marked with chalk arrows, witches hats, etc. and there are also marshals staggered along the route.

What about injuries?

Marshals have first aid kits for minor injuries and two St. Johns Ambulance officers will be in attendance.

Is there a waiver?

Yes, all participants must sign a waiver before running.

Can I get a refund?

We're sorry but we cannot give any refunds.

What if it rains?

We will still run, unless there are dangerous conditions such as lightning or strong winds. Some stalls may be limited or absent depending on the conditions.